From the recording Angel Song

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White Goddess Flies
Words and Music by Paula Gilbert
March 7, 2007

Vocals: Paula Gilbert and Colleen Shields


White Goddess Flies by Paula Gilbert

White Goddess Flies to my side.
White angel wings shimmering Bright.

White Goddess Flies to me in the night.
Takes my hand and walks beside me.

Over the oceans in planes flying high in the sky take my hand take my lies!

Over the hillside to see my beloved.
Over the hillsides to see Thee on High!
Ore to the tale of the Minoans!

Over the Hillside to hear the Earth cry
"Give me your Loving delight"

Fly with me now to the Hills of Delight.
Open thine eyes see the rain no more lies.

Feel the teardrops flying onto your face.
Pure as before and a mind to elate.

"It's over" she says as my
Goddess in white flies and
I am a-lone in my
Room, and I know that
To-night will be ours as we
Fly to the stars,
Give me Strength,
Hold me Close,
Give me Hope,
As I Go

As I Go

As I Go