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Paula Gilbert - Author

50% of all the books you buy will be donated to the Cloverdale Food Bank.

Paula Gilbert has been writing stories, plays, and songs since the 1990's. 

She loves to create books that help people grow and learn about their intuitive power, and books that tell a good story. 

Her children's plays have been performed to packed houses.

Now in her "crone" years, you will soon see many more books as she is writing and creating everyday for you.

Personal Transformation

Chakra Talk Workbook (pdf download)
  • Chakra Talk Workbook (pdf download)
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Have you ever wondered what your Chakras might say to you in a healing conversation? This is an enjoyable, calming, intention setting workshop in a workbook designed just for you to discover the intuition held within each of your Chakra centers.

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Journaling for Joy! (PDF Download)
  • Journaling for Joy! (PDF Download)
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Journaling for Joy! is a fun 21-Day Workshop in an e-book for Joyous Living.

You can print out the .pdf format or work with a separate journal.

Each day offers a myriad of choices -- Choose a focus on "Joy" and watch as your world unfolds before your eyes revealing your Joyous Life Path.

We can all use an infusion of Joy!

Thank You So Much for Joy and Joyous Living!

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Meditation as a Vacation for your Soul
  • Meditation as a Vacation for your Soul
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* This wonderful book contains 366 Affirmation Meditations * Each page offers a new word or phrase to explore and gives you the opportunity to create a mini Meditation Vacation focusing on breath work combined with positive affirmations. Enjoy relaxing and reflecting upon your life path with the prompts for musing and journaling on each page. Use the book daily, or pick one word to enjoy for a while. Thank You - Paula Gilbert / Author

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Children's Books

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Hi Everyone! I am so excited to offer you this first published Children's book especially for 2021. It is a short story for little ones about a unusual Leprechaun named "Larry". Larry is stuck at home on Valentine's Day and finds a creative way to enjoy himself despite his situation. You can help your children to create fun valentines during the story of Larry and how he cheers himself up by making home made Valentines. Larry also appears in other books that are soon to be completed like "The Mouth of the Earth". We hope you enjoy this short story! Happy Valentine's Day!

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