1. 15-Soul Fire

From the recording Angel Song

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Soul Fire
Words and Music by Paula Gilbert

Vocals: Paula Gilbert, Colleen Shields, Terri Matlock

Instruments: Paula Gilbert

Whale Song provided by: Santa Cruz Jupiter Research Foundation

For the Whales and the Oceans


Soul Fire by Paula Gilbert

You are the Majesty
The Heart the song
The One inside my head and in my Heart.

You hear my destiny
You hear my cry.
You are my peaceful day.
You are my Night.

And I feel your warning, when I go astray
I feel your harmony thoughout my day

And I Thank the Heavens
For this peace inside my Soul.

Instrumental with Whale Song

And I thank you my Angels!
You are the ones who Light the Fire In My Soul

My Soul
My Soul
My Soul

You Light the fire