From the recording Castleford - Songs of Wisdom

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Artist: Paula Gilbert

In this song, you hear the operatic background in Paula's vocal. Here driving piano brings the drama.

This song is about Paula's divorce prior to reuniting with Rick who was a childhood friend of hers.

It came to her in the morning - as most of her songs.... In the Morning The Songs Are There. She was in a past life dream.


And All The Ages Of Time - 2002
Words and Music by Paula Gilbert

I often wake with a vision and song on my lips and in my heart.

One morning as I woke from stupor
Woke from my a dreamin' time
I saw my daughter in my head and
Knew it was my time.

So I rode in my best trappins' first to see my son.
Oh a well and handsome man he -
So divine and strappin'
Oh I Love my silly chillin
Oh I Love my hopeful children
Oh I Love my carefree chillin
Oh I Love all people.


I road that morning down to Castleford
Road of all the ages
Oh I saw my daughter there
The sun was shining in her hair
Her skin like milk and oh so fair
I held her close and felt her perfect majesty.

Then I rode upon the high road
Looking for a lad
But a man, he saw me passing,
Stopped me in my path
Oh, he threw his arms around me now
Took me to his chamber
And he made those noise wrappin'
Yes he made those noises wrappin' round my heart.


I rode away that morning from him and
Couldn't look behind me
I left the man there standing hopeless
Wondering what had happened
All alone he took me to his side, and
Then I must go flyin'
My oh, oh oh,
My oh, oh oh,
My Oh, oh oh oo oh!


And the song it seems to be there
In my Holy Light
I can not seem to shake the feeling
Oh, that road of Light
But I saw my son, my Son and Daughter
Saw my son, my Son and Daughter
Standing there beneath the light
Standing there beneath the Light
Callin', "Oh mama, Oh mama, Oh Mama, Oh my!"


There were other verses told me
There were other times I road to Castleford
Castleford to see my Lord,
See my Lord and Master
Master on the road
Road to Castleford.