From the recording Castleford - Songs of Wisdom

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There's a Buck in My Window
Words & Music by Paula Gilbert - 1998

Then there's the financial grief we go through or not -- as we can turn around any financial or grievous situation. These "turn-arounds" work well especially when we make positive intentions.
Music combined with intention is very powerful. That is why I stand here singing for you.
Very simple
Intend specifically what you want.
This song did just that in 1998 and here we are 18 years later, successful, happy, enjoying life. Helping others.
Positive intentions help.
Realizing that this is essential to positive success helps.


There's a Buck in My Window - by Paula Gilbert 1998

There's a Buck in my window
Looking for Heart-felt avenues
He's Finding his freedom
Never chasing his wisdom in the afternoon.
The almighty dollar
No longer the caller
A new feast for you

No time for a fathom
A balance for lasting

Wow, I Love You
Wow, I Love You

Taking off in your boat
You were searching your moat
For Your new Avenue
Taking your time
Life can be sublim
When You Know I Love You
Wow, I Love You

Good-by to the pain
Taking Off Chains
Wow, I Love You
Wow, I Love You