From the recording Castleford - Songs of Wisdom

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Looking Inside Today
Words & Music by Paula Gilbert
November 12, 1998

This song was written soon after Paula's father suddenly passed in June of 1998. It is about resolving Old Relationships.

Working out relationship issues can be sublime when the person knows you love them. Working out relationship issues when the other person won't talk to you is a bit tricker since you have to just work it out for yourself. Songs help. Roses help. Meditation helps.


Looking Inside Today

I see the roses on the tether
Looking inside today
Rainbows and happy Christmas Babies
Lookin' out on the plane

Stretching out imagination
Opening to my soul
(Opening to my soul)
Hiding my face from wind and weather
Flying through outer space
This is my holy place
This is my holy place

Then I see him stand before me
Looking into my eyes
(Looking into my eyes)
Staring within me
Takes me -- Holds me
Don't you realize
Don't you realize
I Love You
I'm Not Above You
It's Time You Realize.