From the recording The Chi of Love

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Improvisational Song about letting go of fear of danger and enjoying the freedom of bliss.


Celebrate the Morning
Improvised by Paula Gilbert
April 24, 2005

Celebrate the Morning
Celebrate no Warning
And Love Is All Around

Celebrate no Danger
Celebrate no Stranger
Running Through the Town

All is Calm and All is bright
Round Yon Virgin Holy White and Pure

Celebrate the Morning
Never Wait ‘Till Someone’s There to Tell You to Love
Just Love

And the Darkness Falls and You Don’t Know Who You Are
In The Morning
Just remember that you’re one with Love
Just remember that you’re guided from above.

This Morning
This Morning of Love.

Celebrate The Daylight
Celebrate the Way Down
The Right Path

Don’t you know you’re Heaven-Blessed?
Don’t you know that when you rest, the world rests too?
You’re not a menu item on the plate
You’re not here to show your weight.
Just Celebrate the Morning
Celebrate the Sunshine
Celebrate a new day.