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Archangel Raziel Lore from Wikipedia
Raziel (Hebrew: רָזִיאֵל‎; [Rāzīēl]; "God is my Mystery") is an angel within the teachings of Jewish mysticism (of the Kabbalah of Judaism) who is the "Keeper of Secrets" and the "Angel of Mysteries".[1] He is associated with the sephirah Chokhmah (the second of ten) in Beri'ah, one of the Four Worlds of Kabbalistic theory.[2]
Various teachings assign Raziel to diverse roles, including that of a cherub,[3] a member of the Ophanim,[4] and chief of the Erelim.
Raziel, under the alternate name Galizur "Revealer of The Rock" is described as the "-ruling prince of the 2nd Heaven.-" He is said to expound the "Torah's divine wisdom" and protects the ministering angels from the living creatures that uphold the universe.[5][6]