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Summertime Fun

Summer is here and we are enjoying time with loved ones and new friends.  We are not your run of the mill family, but we do what we can to help out.

We are pleased to announce that Paula is on the home stretch of completing her new book for all ages called:

"The Mouth of the Earth"

This funny adventure story takes place in an enchanted forest high in the mountains near a stream.

The story is dedicated to Mother Earth and all her Helpers. 

The story tells the tall tale of "The Mouth of the Earth” who wakes up each day and talks to Larry the Leprechaun about the weather.  The story is great for teaching environmentalism, being helpful & kind to one another, and a wee bit of romance that can't be avoided in any of Paula's stories.

Larry meets some new friends and they all have laughs and great adventures along the way.

This book will soon be available for pre-order.


A time for learning new things.

A time for leaves beginning to turn and meeting new friends.

Wisdom comes from silence, listening.


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Hard work pays off

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