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Dust shakes off from Winter cold

Early Spring Approaches

Paperwhites full blooms starting to fade

Daffodils breaking ground

Peonies points reddish pink maroon tips poking out from 25 year old root ball

Encouraging words continue to bless.

Birthday Party.


Happy New Year

Bed made for the year

First bulbs emerge

Heavenly sunrises

Stripes of pink and blue and gold

Back to the grinding with an open mind.

Plans for next year's escape


Cast a spell for magic Christmas

Celebrate All The Holidays

Cold, Frost, Snow on the Hills

Peaceful Nights

Early Bedtime

Warm foods, Soup and Tea




Taking time to give thanks and open to the light of Love

Giving to neighbors

Loving the calm

Paying homage to the Fall.


Leaves burst into color bringing on death of themselves.

Making room for rest and light during the winter.

Open doors between heaven and earth.

The shaman reigns supreme.


A time for learning new things.

A time for leaves beginning to turn and meeting new friends.

Wisdom comes from silence, listening.


Good-bye to a friend

Happy Home Life

Hard work pays off

Open eyes

Open Ears

Community Safety


Studio Shots