Welcome To My World!

Enjoy the Day!

Paula Gilbert has been making up stories, songs and plays since she was a child. She was privately trained as a pianist and singer from an early age.  In Highschool, she was an award-winning Classical Singer and the President of her Los Gatos High School Choir.  Paula has always been a "Health Nut" and studied Music and Physical Education in College. She also holds a bachelor's degree in Metaphysical Science, and several Healing certifications.

During the Pandemic she and her husband Rick have created this company (Paula Gilbert World Publishing Company) filled with hope and love where Paula creates beautiful books & music for healing herself, Children and Adults.  Paula is a natural artist and creates all her own artwork.  They publish POD / Print on Demand and E-Books as well as Paula's original music that is played on the internet radios alongside indie and famous artists alike throughout the world.  

Paula has been producing benefit albums herself and with her students for years.  This passion for creating, combined with giving back to the community, opens up a wonderful giving opportunity for you as a supporter of their work.  Their giving program includes a portion of each sale going to support local causes and environmental causes as well as World Vision.

Paula and Rick look forward to serving you wonderful food for thought and Music to soothe your soul, as our adventure stories create wonderful worlds and take you on an exciting journey, while our Self-help genre is great for working out issues on your own and offers opportunities to strengthen your mind.  All of the above including Paula's music are meant to soothe you and uplift your day with joy and positivity!

Paula starts each day with prayer and meditation followed by exercise outside.  If she can't get outside, it's yoga, dancing and stretches indoors. Eating healthy is next on the list.

Here's to your great health and healing of our world!

"We Wish You Much, Love, Peace, and Light Now and Forever More" - Paula and Rick Gilbert