1. 06-Angels Fly

From the recording Angel Song

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Angels Fly - by Paula Gilbert 2005

Vocals: Paula Gilbert, Colleen Shields, Terri Matlock

Piano / Synth: Paula Gilbert


Angels Fly by Paula Gilbert

Angels dancin' all around me
All my fears are gone!

Love surrounds me
Everything is feeling right.
All my prayers are here insight!

And the angels paint clouds in the sky
And the angels come to help me cry
And the angels laughter fills the air with the hope of heaven!

And the Angels Fly!

And the Angels Love and Adore
And the Angels Heal all Sores
And then the Angels Fly
and the Angels Fly

Angels turn hate into Love!
With a Light That Shines From Above

And the Angels turn fear into Light!
And the Angels Fly .... Fly ....
And the Angels Fly
And the Angels Fly!