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Guardian Angel (Ready of Not) by Paula Gilbert on April 24, 2004

This song written on Paula's Mom's Birthday, came to her after a dream of walking with an Angel who was guiding her.

At that time, she was working as a teacher and Vocal coach on a Musical Team for "Grease" with the local C.A.R.E. Foundation. Paula worked with local theater groups as a Music Director, Vocal Coach & Rehearsal Pianist during the first 15 years of her professional career as a Musician and Teacher.


Guardian Angel by Paula Gilbert

Opened up my door one
Looking for a way to go

Couldn't find my inspiration,
Couldn't find my Romeo!

Traveled with a new sensation
Holding hands I crossed the road
She was there my Guardian Angel
Showing me the way to go
Showing me the Way to go.

Every Moment Find Your Courage
Find the Strength Your Way To Go
Here We Are Our Spirits Talking
Showing Me The Way To Go
Showing Me The Way To Go.

Sun is shining in the morning
Taking turns you know the way
Afternoon you feel the clearing

Spirit Happy Walk Away!
Spirit Happy Walk Away!
Spirit Happy Walk Away!

Peaceful Morning See The Dewdrops
Cleansing Earth and Radiant Sky
When You Find Your Inspiration

Peaceful Mornings When You Rise!
Peaceful Mornings When You Rise!